About Us

At Batchelder H&G, we're your gateway to the timeless elegance of the past. Established in 2010, our foundation is deeply rooted in the conviction that every space should resonate with the rich narratives of history. Our mission? To infuse your everyday life with classic elegance, offering you high-quality, reissued tiles that transport you back to bygone eras.

Our journey draws inspiration from the life and work of Ernest Allen Batchelder, an iconic figure whose passion for architectural and design history has kindled inspiration for generations. Born in 1875, Batchelder emerged as a significant force in the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Initially an art teacher in Massachusetts, his life took a different turn when he relocated to Pasadena, California, in 1901, unveiling his true passion: the art of handmade tile-making.

In his Pasadena backyard, Batchelder fired up his first kiln, beginning a humble exploration into clay and design. This modest pursuit, fueled by his insatiable passion, blossomed into the renowned Batchelder Tile Company in 1909. His tiles, far from mere decorative items, were narrative canvases, capturing scenes from nature, mythology, and everyday life. They epitomized an era when craftsmanship and storytelling stood at the heart of design.

Batchelder H&G is an embodiment of Ernest Batchelder's enduring legacy. We channel his vision and zeal, aiming to place these rare, history-soaked tiles into modern homes and spaces worldwide. Our commitment is to uphold the aesthetic values and ethos that Batchelder championed, allowing a new generation to savor his timeless beauty.

At Batchelder H&G, we do more than sell tiles—we craft experiences. Recognizing that your spaces serve as personal expressions of your style and history, we commit to sourcing and reissuing authentic tiles, each brimming with historical significance.

Our tiles are not mere ceramic pieces—they're conduits to the past, tributes to the age-old art of craftsmanship and design. Whether you're looking to imbibe the romance of the Victorian era or the striking flair of Art Deco, we're here to help you identify that perfect piece.

We take pride in our top-tier customer service. Our dedicated, knowledgeable team is always at your service, eager to assist you with design selection, installation procedures, or tile care guidance.

Batchelder H&G is more than a business—it's a haven for those with an appreciation for timeless elegance. Join us on this journey into the past and let the narratives of yesteryear infuse your spaces with fresh life.

Thank you for your interest in our journey. We look forward to helping you create your timeless narrative.